Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jangkrik Homestay, 60 Jalan Hanoman, Ubud Bali 21 May 2013

We love Jangkrik Homestay so much so that we left this place with a heavy heart. It is a simple two storey homestay that consists of 6 basic rooms situated among the ownner (Made and Kadek) 's family and relatives. We stayed at the corner, one of the four rooms upstairs.

The wooden traditional Balinese room door with a traditional latch that created a twinkle in the kids' eye! 
The basic room comes with hot water shower, fan and wifi. 
It costs us 275,000 Rp (RM85) for a night that comes with free breakfast of coffee/tea, toast/pancake and a plate of fruit .

In the morning, Kadek would carry her baskets of canang sari and pray around the homestay.  She prepares 80 canang sari everyday. 

My little kid looked at each and every canang sari with amazement. 

She found another one there. 

There are different kind of food or items being prepared on a canang sari each day.

This is the upper floor of the homestay. There are two rooms on the right and another two on the left (around the corner).

This tiny portion of rice and grated coconut was part of the offering beside the canang sari.

This dried leaves are prepared for funeral, so said one of the resident when asked what it was for. Staying among the residents, we were able to witness some of their daily routines. 

Jangkrik Homestay driver for my future reference Dewa Ngurah 085 737 605 348

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