Saturday, June 1, 2013

Volunteering at Raptor Watch 2013, Ilham Resort Port Dickson 9 March 2013

Here is En observing EL talking to kids passionately about "Green Living." 

My children were invited to volunteer at Malaysian Nature Society Raptor Watch event. I am so thankful of this opportunity and trust given by EL to them. (EL, thank you very much.) This is the first time in my homeschool journey that I was not questioned on how homeschool can work out and if my homeschool children are weird. EL thinks highly of them and even more highly than I do.  

The children mixed well with other volunteers. They are more outgoing and braver than me. 

Hui spent first half of  the Saturday at Art and Craft booth and spent almost all my pocket money there. :)
EL didn't seem to mind this young volunteer being distracted and away from the booth she volunteered in. 
I kept silent and let her go with the flow.  

After lunch, Hui finally remember she was here to help and went to the table and helped.

Again, Hui was distracted by the "limbo rock" game going on and on in front of our booth.  
She loves it so much. 

This is living room where we all bunk in at Casa Rachado. We shared the apartment with two other families. We have a nice view of the sea and a very clean beach. 

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~CovertOperations78~ said...

Thank you so much for helping out for Raptor Watch. Your family is awesome at volunteering and I am not the only one who noticed. Everyone marvelled at how confident (yet cheerfully humble and polite!), friendly and hardworking the girls are. You and your husband did a great job helping out as well. I always try to encourage volunteers to take a break or participate in other activities, even when we are a little shorthanded. Everyone gets tired or bored or distracted and need a little break sometimes. Besides, a good variety of activities is good for keeping the interest and energy levels up.