Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chemistry Experiments @PSN 15 April 2011

Friday 9am
I took the Chemistry event as an opportunity to introduce EnHui to chemicals and chemistry. These are some of the experiments at Nature Secret Lab.

Electroplating experiment.

 Latex hardening.

The students let shorty Hui stood in front when she voiced up that she couldn't see.

When you mix the right chemical to the left, it turned into nylon string.

It has to be added one drop at a time.

Nylon string.

Showing the effect of excessive CO2 that causes temperature increment.

EnHui were given a chance to hands-on, mixing three chemical reagent that will analyse the amount of nitrate. 

Test tube B showed higher amunt of Nitrate.

Below are the experiments from lab at level 3
Dry ice and a few drop of water, inflated the glove.


We did this Toysmith Volcano Making Kit at home before. Mix baking soda and vinegar. Optional food colouring for coloured-lava effect.

En did this experiment at Petrosains and won a prize for the highest blast off rocket. This rocket preparation is easier compare to the Petrosains's rocket. Material : Panadol Soluble and Water. Cover and shake it. Wait for the rocket to blast off.

This is the rocket experiment En did at Petrosains.

an empty vitamin bottle.

Same concept. Baking soda into the balloon. Vinegar into a bottle. Cover the balloon mouth over the bottle. The gas inflates the balloon. 

Hui said 'See, same colour!'

EnHui did the Column Chromatography experiment. It created many layers of colours, showing different density of each colour. 

Lemon battery is the similar one to our Toysmith 4 M Potato Clock # 4568.
And checking the PH of red cabbage.  

the surface tension of the liquid colouring kept it together. A drop of detergent broke the surface tension of the colourings, creating a beautiful effect, shown in video below.

Hui love this experiment. She did it again and again.

Video of detergent breaking the surface tension of colours.

She discovered that, when she shook the plate, the milk changed into brown colour.

Petrosains kiosk demonstrating the ball of fire after soaking into alcohol and hand sanitizer.