Friday, June 27, 2014

Terra Farm Tree House, Brinchang, Cameron Highland Pahang 14 September 2013

We started with visiting Terra farm and ended up knowing a bit of how plants can grow naturally and healthily. I said, "a bit " because I am not fluent in Mandarin which was the language of choice of the owner who is passionately explaining when we were touring the farm.  It is heartwarming to know a farmer who cares so much on planting 'real' food. Terra vegetables will be part of our diet from now on.  

This is the dining hall or community hall and kitchen where all the guests of the total six tree houses mingle, eat and cook. The ingredients for cooking is provided by Terra. We paid RM 100 per adult and RM 80 per kid, per night.  

En suprised (maybe I should said shocked) everyone (yes, including me) by entertaining the crowd here at the dining hall. (no photo of it though) by belting up a few songs right in front. 
I was awestruck by how fearless she is. And if you asked me what I did to my child, I did nothing but just being her biggest supporter and trusting her that she will bloom naturally on her own.

At 7 am sharp, she dashed out of the tree house with one of her close friend, xy  all for the sake of cooking in the kitchen, preparing breakfast.

From tree house number 6, which located at the highest point among the six tree houses, we hiked up through the cold jungle.  

Do you know what this is?

Looks really nice, isn't it?

Campfire to shoo mosquito out of the tree house.

The children of Terra happily brought their kid-guests to pluck some strawberries, leading the way through the hilly farm. I am impressed by how calm and kind hearted these children are. And it struck me hard, to live even more simple and cut down unnecessarily distractions. Do what matters but not what the crowd does.

The walk way among the tree houses. This is definitely better than a 5 star hotel. 

Being 9 in a group, we stayed at the biggest tree house. Other tree houses accommodate 4 to 7 people. 
This is the exterior verandah.  

This big tree house has two doors where both lead to two rooms. The room on the right side has a ladder that goes up to another room and there is where all the 9 of us slept.
The toilet/shower is located behind it at the side.

We utterly love love this place. Simple and refreshing. 

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