Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wake up and Be Awesome! 23 September 2012

My children wake up each day and are awesome. They look forward to the day.

 Each morning, I will be woken up by a very soothing voice "Look mommy, look" repeatedly. Each time I open my eyes, a wide grin on my child's face will greet me. This naturally jumpstart me to being awesome.
My older one used to do that when she was little and now, she will wait until I wake up, knowing that I sleep late.

  Before I became a mother, I can't remember being awesome except on days when I was about to go on a vacation and also on weekends where I did not have to work!

I wish my children will "Wake up and Be awesome" for the rest of their life.


~CovertOperations78~ said...

My life stopped being awesome at age 7 when I had to go to school. I wish I could have gone straight from Montessori kindergarten to law school. When I excelled in university, friends and family labelled me a "late developer". It had nothing to do with being a late developer. School stifled my ability to learn. School was 11 years of food poisoning (from canteen food) and constipation (from filthy and broken toilets). School was 11 years of being told I should not come in first in class because girls must let boys win and lead. School was 11 years of being told I must be "grateful" to the majority race in this country, that Chinese and Indians are intruders who came to Malaysia and who "robbed" the natives and locals of their wealth. School was 11 years of squinting at the writing on the blackboard and making glaring mistakes in my schoolwork because my dyslexia and eyesight problems were undiagnosed and untreated, and I was labelled lazy and careless. The happiest day of my life was when I finally finished my 1119 English paper, marking the end of my schooling life. I gave away all my school uniforms and books the same afternoon and symbolically burned my workbooks. I salute you for taking this progressive and courageous move. May your girls achieve every success and happiness in life, and be surrounded with love and an active desire to learn and to share. I can't wait to see what they will be at university.

Ng Shannon said...

Hi CovertOperation78,
wow! this is a long comment! :) thank you.
hehehe I dont' think I would have the chance to attend a convocation. At the moment, one of my kid want to be either a florist or a dancer and the other one said she doesn't know yet. I think she seems to love nature so much, perhaps her job may relate to nature/animals.

As for being courageous, I don't need a lot of those, I need to learn to trust. Trust the children.