Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sewage Treatment Plant, Indah Water Konsortium Putrajaya 28 February 2012

It began with a lengthy and informative briefing by Mr. Mujib.

Go down the steps to ground floor.

Tour began here at the sump pump, where we could hear gushing sewage sound come rushing in from the whole town of Putrajaya.

Here, we were told how the sump pump works. We went down the spiral staircase next to it to have a closer look at the pipes. 

Spiral staircase.

A closeup view of the pipes.

From the sump pump, sewage water will be filtered off paper, hairs, condoms etc through the screen chamber.

Walk in between the yellow lines.

Another view of the corridor.

Treated water going out of the plant.

Steps heading down to sludge processing area.

Sludge processing area. 

For a visit, email

Map to IWK, Putrajaya.



aidafiqs adamia said...

hello shannon,
I have been perusing your blog a lot lately. i am very interested in unschooling, but am very fearful, uncertain and i feel i need some support. does unschooling really work in malaysia? are you the only unschooling mom in malaysia? please, can we talk? here's my email -

Ng Shannon said...

Hello Aidafiqs

Thank you for writing in.
May I know what do you mean by 'work'?
No, I am not the only homeschooling mom here. Yes, lets meet! I shall email you.

Much love, Shannon.

Ang said...

Hi Shannon.

I am a lecturer in Nilai University, and I am planning a field trip to IWK plant. May I know which department (or PIC) in IWK did you contact previously? Thanks!


Ng Shannon said...

Hi Ang

The contact is on the blogpost.